Q – How can I ride one of the Video simulation rides available on this site on a PC?

A – To run Tacx Real Life video you need some software & this you will find available to purchase on the official Tacx website here for just €65   Tacx Training Software Basic page  There is a Advanced version that will give you more VR terrains but for the video simulation its not vital.

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Q – How can I run these rides on a tablet?

If you own either a recent ipad or Android tablet Tacx have free apps that will allow you to run a specially selected list of Tacx films. These are almost always identical to the shorter rides that Tacx sell for €9.90 but there are also reduced length versions of the longer rides available to PC users. The rides available for sale will be visible from inside the Tacx app. PC based rides are not compatible with the App version of the software & use a different video format.

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Q – How long have Tacx been producing Video Simulations?

Tacx was actually the 1st company in the world to offer a complete Video based indoor training simulation that replicated the grades of the road & based your speed directly from the power you produced. A British racing cyclist based in Belgium produced the 1st ‘grade/terrain based’ video simulation in his garage in 2002.