Oude Kwaremont & Koppenberg with Johan Museeuw

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This is a pair of special rides that you will be able to try out if you visit the Tour of Flanders Museum in the city of Oudenaarde. Filmed on a icy cold January day in 2016 retired cycling legend Johan Museeuw revisits some of his old stomping grounds!

Oude Kwaremont Possibly the toughest climb in the race due to the length & the way the tight bends at the start force any bunch to line out on the worst possible terrain, very rough cobbles & fairly steep grades early on the climb lead to a long false flat that can often be quite exposed to cross winds.

The Koppenberg  The most famous climb in the present Tour of Flanders route, starts shallow but soon ramps up to 15% as you leave the houses, its here where many novice riders will fall off as the cobbles require a fairly good balance. As you enter the gully section that’s ominously visible from the start the grades ramp up further to over 22%, if your still cycling here then you have a good chance of making it to what seems like the visible top, crest that & your sadly greeted with yet more climbing, but this time at much more manageable grades until the houses which you can see that mark the real top!