An Epic 4 part route available to download or on BluRay that takes you from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean Over 700km with 28 mountains to climb.  The Tacx Raid Pyrenees is the toughest, longest & most spectacular indoor cycling adventure available.

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Part 1 of this Blu-ray series starts in the border town of Cerbère on the Mediterranean coast and heads 200 km west. The climbing adventure begins with the ascent inland along the Route des Crêtes to La Madeloc with incredible views of the French coast. From there it’s relatively easy going with a long stretch of rolling hills and flat marshlands towards the first two proper climbs of the Pyrenees: the Col de Jau and the Col de Pailhères, which was included in the 2013 Tour de France. Part 1 finishes after the Col du Chioula in the valley town of Sabart. Part 2 continues from here.

1 Tour de Madeloc 335m
2 Col de Jau 1506m
3 Col de Pailhères 2001m
4 Col du Chioula



Part 2 of this Blu-ray series heads another 200 km west from the finishing point of part 1 with a nice warm up along the valley to the foot of the Port de Lers, followed by the Col d’Agnes and the Col de Latrape. After a detour into some very narrow old roads of the Col de Catchaudégué and the Col de Portech it’s back to the well-known climbs again with the Col de Portet d’Aspet, the Port de Balès, the Col de Peyresourde and finally the Col d’Aspin.

5 Port de Lers 1517m
6 Col d’Agnes 1570m
7 Col de Latrape 1111m
8 Col de Catchaudégué 893m
9 Col de Portech 862m
10 Col de Portet d’Aspet 1069m
11 Col de Buret 599m
12 Col des Ares 797m
13 Port de Balès 1755m
14 Col de Peyresourde 1569m
15 Col d’Aspin 1489m


This third part starts with the climb of the impressive Tourmalet (also available separately as download film T2055.23). You skip a part of the descend because of road works and continue your adventure in the valley, starting from Luz.

Climbs featured on this Blu-ray are:
16 Col du Tourmalet (2115m)
17 Col de Spandelles (1380m)
18 Col du Soulor (1474m)
19 Col d’Aubisque (1709m)
20 Col de Marie Blanque (1035m)
21 Col d’Ichère (695m)

The fourth and final Blu-ray of the Raid Pyrenees, the most spectacular trip you can experience from the comfort of your own home. The Atlantic Ocean is close now, but to get there, you must first conquer the mountains in the Basque part of the Pyrenees. The climbs are a little shorter and more irregular and can be steep. Many describe the view from the Iraty Plateau as the most beautiful view of the entire Pyrenees. Back in France, Hendaye marks the end of your long and challenging adventure.

Climbs featured on this Blu-ray are:
22 Col de Labays/Soudet (1540m)
23 Côte de Larrau (630m)
24 Col Bagargui (1327m)
25 Col d’Ispéguy (672m)
26 Puerto de Olsondo (491m)
27 Col de Saint-Ignace (177m)