Tour of Lombardy 2016 – IT

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A two part ride that takes you over the Madonna del Ghisallo & up for the 1st time for the indoor trainer the incredibly tough Muro di Sormano which is feared as one of the toughest climbs in Pro cycling & sonn to be the toughest in indoor training.

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Part 1 with the Ghisallo starts with a nice flat 15km long warm up along the coast of Lecco lake. Starting in the village of Onno we 1st head south toward Lecco before doing a 180° turn & heading back through Onno & onto the the main climb of the Madonna del Ghisallo

Part 2 starts just after the Ghisallo climb with a descent of a few kilometer’s before taking on the climb of the Sormano which starts off fairly average with easy grades. Towards the top you will see signs on the road for the Muro di Sormano & suddenly have a descent which is short lived as it ramps up soon after into an almost impossibly steep angle for a mountain. From here onwards you are now going to be going slow with your trainer breakforce on what ever its max setting is. To increase the mental suffering even more every meter of height you slowly gain is marked in paint along with various quotes from stars of the past & even the times of various riders from the 1960s. Eventually you will hit the top where we do a 180° & head back down taking the regular road.